CUPS by EMPowered

eSport is something great. It’s a passion, a hobby, something you can get involved with no matter what your strengths are. You can play, manage, cast, design, etc. but an eSport would fail without cups that are worth playing. And that’s a major problem we saw with many different games: There’s not enough to play; There’s not a clear way for teams to start their career. 

This is where we decided that we should try to organize our own cup – maybe even multiple cups – to change this. We reached out to Vetro, who, at the time, was organizing the seventh iteration of a successful cup under the name HelllGaming Cup and thus, the EMPowered Cup was born! On the 05.01.2019 the first EMPowered Cup began and with that, more should follow soon.

Cup Organizer
Maik Gravendyck

With his main focus on Rainbow Six: Siege cups, Vetro is the reason EMPowered even has their own cups. Organizing 6 successful HelllGaming Cups, he has the experience you need to organize something bigger and something worth playing. 
In early 2019 Vetro joined the team of EMPowered as Cup Organizer. Essentially renaming the HelllGaming Cup to EMPowered Cup.

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